Penelope: Evolution of protein-interaction networks: the SH3 network in yeast species
  • 27th April 2007: “Kick-Off Meeting”, CRG, Barcelona
  • 17-19th December 2007: “First workshop on Yeast Cell Biology”, EMBL, Heidelberg
  • 22-24th April 2008: “Second Workshop on Structural Biology”, EMBL-Hamburg
  • 24-25th April 2008: “First Annual Meeting”, EMBL-Hamburg
  • 18-20th June 2008: “Third Workshop on Proteomics”, Amsterdam
  • 26-27th September 2008: “Fourth Workshop on Scientific Writing”, Barcelona
  • 20-23rh April 2009: "Fifth Workshop on Light Microscopy", Biozentrum, Basel
  • 23-24th April 2009: "Second Annual Meeting", Biozentrum, Basel
  • 14-19th September 2009: "Sixth Workshop on Candida and 2-hybrids", Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen
  • 12-13th April 2010: Third Annual Meeting”, CRG, Barcelona
  • 13-15th April 2010: "Seventh Workshop on Bioinformatics”, CRG, Barcelona